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Dehu and Alandi


Dehu is spiritual place and birth place of saint Tukaram. This is a place of pilgrimage. There is temple of Saint Tukaram in Dehu which had built in year 1723. His ancestral home is still said to exist. The 'Palakhi' in the month of 'Ashadh' from Dehu is one of the main attractions of Dehu. The millions of people have being taking particiaption in 'Palakhi' from many years. During this pilgrimage 'Abhang 'of Sant Tukaram are remembered.

Saint Tukaram (1608 - 1650)

     Tukaram was national saint of India, great religious poet, devotee of lord Vitthal. He and Saint Dnyaneshwar was the popular saints and both worshiped Lord Vitthal. The ‘Warkari sampraday’ carried over by Saint Tukaram and his literature in Marathi are considered as pinnacle of Bhagawat Hindu tradition. Saint Tukaram is venerated by Hindus as well as Sikh. He wrote a large number of devotional poems in archaic Marathi identified as abhang. He's composition (poetries) are found in Guru granth Sahib.

    Saint Tukaram's stature in Marathi literature is comparable to that of Shakespeare in English or Goethe in German. His discourses focused on day-to-day behavior of human beings, and he emphasized that the true expression of religion was in a person's love for his fellow human beings rather than in ritualistic observance of religious orthodoxy, including mechanical study of the Vedas. His teachings encompassed a wide array of issues, including the importance of the ecosystem. Tukaram worked for his society's enlightenment in the "warakari" tradition, which emphasizes community service and musical group worship.

How to Reach to Dehu

  • Distance from Pune Railway Station : 27-30 Km 
  • Distance from Pune Airport : 27-30 Km
  • Distance from Pimpari Chinchawad Municipal: 15-17 Km
  • Distance from Alandi : 15-17 Km

Local Conveyance to Dehu

    Other than your personal vehicle or hired one you can go for-
  • Corporation Buses (PMPML)
  • Taxi on Hire

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Map for Dehu and Alandi


            Alandi is situated on the banks of river Indrayani about 25 km away from city Pune. This is birth place of saint Dnyaneshwar.  Saint Dnyaneshwar, after translating the Bhagavad Gita into Marathi and attained samadhi at Alandi. Samadhi temple of Dnyaneshwar was built in 1570. Alandi is a place of pilgrimage and is venerated by many Hindus. It is great place to experience spiritual life of Indians.


Saint Dnyaneshwar (1275-1296)

Sant Dnyaneshwar was a 13th century Maharashtrian saint, poet, philosopher, spiritual leader and yogi of the Nath tradition.  Teenager Dnyaneshwar had wrote "Dnyaneshwari" (A commentary on Bhagavad Gita)  and Amrutanubhav. These two books are considered to be milestones in Marathi literature. At age of 21 he attained samadhi (Salvation in the true power of universe) at Alandi.
        Dnyaneshwar was founder of the Varkari movement.  The Varkaris  considered him their teacher and spiritual leader, who initiated his contemporaries associated with the dvaita (dualism) school of the bhakti movement into advaita (non-dualism). He strongly advocated jnana yukta bhakti (devotion guided by knowledge) and believed that one can not be liberated unless one attains the true and divine knowledge of brahma.

  At present Dnyaneshwar's palkhi (palanquin), holding the footwear of the saint, is carried with honor in a silver bullock cart from Alandi to Pandharpur. The millions of people participate in pilgrimage which originates from Alandhi in month of Ashadha (Hindu calendar) i.e. in month of July.

How to Reach to Alandi

  • Distance from Pune Airport : 15 Km
  • Distance from Pune Railway Station : 20 - 25 Km
  • Distance from Pimpari Chinchawad Municipal: 15-17 Km
  • Distance from Dehu : 15-17 Km

Local Conveyance to Alandi

    Other than your personal vehicle  you can go for-
  • Corporation Buses (PMPML)
  • Taxi on Hire
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