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Kolhapur Tourism

Kolhapur Tourist Places    

        Kolhapur has diversity and mixture of Tourist places like Heritage centers to modern museums, from sports centers to film studios.  From  fort  telling bravery stories to picturesque lakes with romantic environment. The kolhapur has famous specialties  in food like Pandhra-Tmbada Rassa (special types of non veg curries), Misal and Bhel.  All this is in rang of only 3 to 10 kms.

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Tourist Places Nearby Kolhapur

  • Kaneri Math
  • Jotiba
  • Panhala
  • Top Sambhapur  Ganapati

Local Conveyance 

    Other than your personal vehicle or hired one you can go for-
  • Auto Rickshaw
  • Corporation Buses (KMT)
  • Tanga (Horse Cart)

Where to Stay and Eat in Kolhapur

   Kolhapur has good range of Hotels like from Palace Hotel to Modern studios.   Here are few to list..    
  • Hotel Shalini Palace
  • Hotel Pearl
  • Hotel Opel
  • Hotel Panchashil
  • Hotel Ayodhya
  • Hotel Cassel
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Hotel Triveni
  • Hotel Victor Palace
  • Hotel Vrushali

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