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Bhavani Mandap & Juna Rajwada

Juna Raj Wada and Bhavani Mandap

    Juna Raj Wada (old Palace) was the royal residence of Chatrapati. Bhavani Mandap was place of Chatrapati's court and social gathering.  At present in a part of palace there is temple of deity Bhavani Mata, it was private temple of Chatrapaties of Kolhapur. The Bhavani Mandap was center of political activities and social gatherings. It is being center of  celebrations in Kolhapur. In the era of Chatrapati Shahu and Chatrapati Rajaram 'Juna Raj wada' was being active partner of social and economical reforms of modern Kolhapur.  It has seen bravery of freedom fighters. This was source of energy and encouragement for education, art and sports of this part of world. The statue of wrestler 'Kashaba Jadhav' (the first individual Olympic medalist of India) tells the story of support that sports have received from Kolhapur and its kingdom. 

    The Bhavani Mandap is surrounded by protecting city wall and grate arches. There was one 'nagarkhana' that was active till end of last century. There was proper place to keep elephants and horses. There is huge hall at center of building surrounded by wide plinth. There is live statue of Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj. In a small open museum there are stuffed bodies of wild animals that were hunted by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj. The animals like a giant bison, a pair of deer and Tigers attracts eyes. It also exhibits a modest wooden throne believed to be the one used by Shivaji Maharaj on his visits to Kolhapur, strengthening the idea that He was more a man on a mission with not much regards to wordly comfort.

The Dhashehara is festival of Mata Bhavani and on this occasion Chatrapati of Kolhapur give greeting to people of Kolhapur.

Rajaram Highschool

    This school get build due vision of Chatrapati Rajaram II, The school was built in 1879 and it is of 'Indo-Daracenic' style. The architect of this building was British Royal Engineer Major Charles Mant.

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How to Reach

  • Distance from Airport : 15 Km (25-35 Minutes by car)
  • Distance from Railway Station / S T stand (CBS) : 3 to 4 km (by auto 10-15 minutes)
  • Distance from Rankala Stand (Gangavesh): by auto 5-10 minutes

From place you might know

  • It is at East to Rankala lake / Shalini Palace (10-15 minutes drive)
  • Distance from Rajaram Puri : 3 to 4 km (by auto 10-15 minutes)
  • Distance from New Palace: 3 to 4 km

Local Conveyance 

    Other than your personal vehicle or hired one you can go for-
  • Auto Rickshaw
  • Corporation Buses (KMT)
  • Tanga (Horse Cart)
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Famous places, Attractions nearby Juna Raj Wada and Bhavani Mandap

  • Historical heritage center 'Shree Mahalaxami Mandir' is at walking distance
  • Magnet Super Mall (Old Shetkari Bazaar)
  • Karveer Nagar Vachnalay (Rich library of good and old books)
  • Mahadwar road  is Vibrant shopping street of kolhapur
    • You can find here dress material , Saries
    • Children ware
    • Sent and perfume shops
    • Cosmetic material
    • Kitchenware, cookware, crockery 
  • Binkhabi Ganesh Mandir
  • Shoe Lane (Chambar Ali) : World famous 'kolhapuri chappals' market place
  • Gujari, It is street for gold jewelry 
  • Khasbag Maidan : Famous wresting place
  • Bindu Chowk : There is old boundary of kolhapur city covered by Shield wall and Citadel
  • 'Phadatare Misal Centre' (Udyam Nagar) : Famous for Kolhapuri Misal