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New Palace Kolhapur

The New Palace

    The New Palace is residence of Chhatrapati of Kolhapur. It is one of the main tourism attraction place in kolhapur.    The Palace  is constructed by Ahilyabai  between year 1877-1884. The architect of this building was British Royal Engineer Major Charles Mant.It has been built according to an architectural style that represents a magnificent fusion of Jain and Hindu influences.

     It is cunstructed using contrasting basalt and sandstone. The first storey is used as the residence by the current Chattrapati of Kolhapur. However, the ground floor has been converted into a museum, known as the Chhatrapati Sahu  Museum.

    In front of palace there is beautiful picturesque lake. Around the lake some wild life animals like spotted dear, Sambar, Peacock are kept in open zoo.

Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum in New palace

    The ground floor New Palace accommodates the Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum, given over to memorabilia of the Kolhapur rulers.Several tourists from across the country visit the New Palace each year. This musium exibites royal way of existence. It is open on all days save Monday, from 9.30 AM to 6.00 PM, if you're a lover of historical sites, this one is a must visit!

     It is dedicated to a fine collection of possessions of Chhatrapaties of Kolhapur like costumes, weapons, games, jewellery, embroidery and paraphernalia such as silver elephant saddles. A letter from the British Viceroy and Governor General of India is the other memorabilia.There is also one of Aurangzeb's swords at the Shahaji Chhatrapati Museum. One section has stuffed Tigers, Tiger heads, Wild Dog, Sloth Bear, staring Wild Buffalo, Lion, Black Panther, Wild Boar, Black Buck, a number of other Deer varieties, and a Himalayan Black Bear.

The Darbar Hall occupies a double-height space in middle of the Palace. The side walls display lobed arches filled with stained glass illustrating scenes from the life of Shivaji; carved columns with temple-like brackets support the cast iron balcony above. A raised throne is placed at one end of the Hall. Photos include one of the Maharajah with his hundredth dead tiger, elephant hunts and a series detailing how to train a cheetah.

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How to Reach New Palace of Kolhapur

  • Distance from Airport : 18 Km (30 Minutes by car)
  • Distance from Railway Station / S T stand (CBS) : 2 to 3 km (by auto 10-15 minutes)
  • Distance from Rankala Stand (Gangavesh): by auto 10-15 minutes

From place you might know

  • It is at distance 3 to 4 km from Mahalaxmi Ambabai Mandir
  • Distance from Rankala is 3 to 4 km
  • Distance from Shalini Palace: 3 to 4 km

Famous places, Attractions nearby New Palace

  • Town Hall Museum
  • Mahalaxmi Ambabai Mandir
  • Bhavani Mandap and Juna Raj wada (old Palace) famous for
  • Temple of Goddess 'Bhavani'
  • Open Museum of wild animal that are hunted by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj 
  • Rajabhau Bhail (Famous Chat Center)
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Where to Stay and Eat in Kolhapur

   Kolhapur has good range of Hotels like from Palace Hotel to Modern studios.   Here are few to list..
  • Hotel Vrushali
  • Hotel Pearl
  • Hotel Opel
  • Hotel Panchashil
  • Hotel Ayodhya
  • Hotel Shalini Palace
  • Hotel Cassel
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Hotel Triveni
  • Hotel Victor Palace
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