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Rankala & Shalini Palace Kolhapur

Rankala Lake (Rankala Talaw)

    Rankala is famous place to visit in Kolhapur.  This lake was constructed by Chhatrapatis of Kolhapur.  It is said that its deep area was get created due to quarries of stones which were used for construction of Mahalaxmi temple. 

There is temple of Rank Bhairav at the center of the lake. The name rankala to the lake is also derived from this god.  The lake area is very large. There are differant types of birds around. One can see many lotuses  in the lake.  There is 'Choupati' around the lake. The 'Choupati' is beautified by Gardens. There are several coconut trees in ' Shalini Palace' garden. At  'Choupati'  you can get all kinds of 'chatts' and Ice creams. The 'Vada Pav' over here is famous in Kolhapur. 

In garden there are some special amenities available for children to play . It is nice place to stroll in the evening.  Jotiba temple and Panhala fort are easily visible from here which gives panoramic view.  One should not miss sunset view from this place.

Shalini Palace

    It is Palace hotel. The building was erected during 1931 - 1934. It is surrounded by beautiful garden. In front of garden is 'Rankala lake' where boating is available.

How to Reach Rankala

  • Distance from Kolhapur Airport : 17 Km (30 Minutes by car)
  • Distance from Kolhapur  Railway Station / Main S T stand (CBS) : 4 to 5 km (by auto 15 minutes)
  • Distance from Rankala Stand (Gangavesh):  5-10 minutes

From place you might know

  • It is at West to Mahalaxmi Temple  (10-15 minutes drive)
  • Distance from New Palace: 3 to 4 km
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Local Conveyance 

    Other than your personal vehicle or hired one you can go for-
  • Auto Rickshaw
  • Corporation Buses (KMT)
  • Tanga (Horse Cart)

Famous places, Attractions nearby Rankala

  • Mahalaxmi Temple (Ambabai Mandir) : The Ancent Hindu temple.
  • Magnet Super Mall (Old Shetkari Bazaar)
  • Mahadwar road  (Famous Shopping Street)
  • Film Studio of Marathi films

Rankala Mahostav (Rankala Festival)

Every year in the month of February and March the Kolhapur Municiple Organise 'Rankala Mohostav' (Festival). It is events of many cultural programs, Lavani (Famous Maharashtra ), Concerts and Contests. It one or two weeks event.
The Contest are like
Rangoli, Kite's competitions, Drawing Competition, Fancy Dress Competition.
From all sections of society there is active participation in this festival.

        All well known singers participates in event of 'Rankala Mahostav'. From Pandit Bhimsen Joshi to Abhijit Savant have made there performance and made audience fascinate with their songs.

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Where to Stay

    Off Course Hotel Shalini Palace is good option, however you can prefer following options of Hotels

  • Hotel Pearl
  • Hotel Opel
  • Hotel Panchashil
  • Hotel Ayodhya
  • Hotel Vrushali
  • Hotel Cassel
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Hotel Triveni
  • Hotel Victor Palace

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