Culture of Maharashtra

Culture of Maharashtra

   Maharashtra has rich culture and heritage. The Ganesh Festival or Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated in Maharashtra has its own identity in India and all over the world. There are numerous old temples of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain culture. These are great monuments of devotion and art. In Mumbai you can find famous churches and tombs.

There are numerous heritage centers in Maharashtra. Ajanta and Ellora caves are famous world Heritage sites and place of tourist attraction. The temple of Mahalaxmi Kolhapur and Trimbakeshwar of Nashik are good peace of architecture. Pandharpur is most vibrant place during Ashadi and Kartiki.  Around a million Varkari devotees visit this place to see Lord Vittal.  Likewise Kumbh mela at Nashik has importance in all over India. 

People of Maharashtra

    'Marathi' is language of  Maharashtrians or people of Maharashtra.  In Maharashtra there are people of all sects of religion however Hindus have major population.  The traditional dress of Women is Nauvari or Sahavari sari. The traditional dress of males is 'Kurta and Dhotar' along with Pheta on head.

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Festivals of Maharashtra

    Festivals of all religions are celebrated in Maharashtra. The Ganesh Festival of  Maharashtra which starts from Ganesh Chaturthi(Aug-Sept) has its own identity in India and the world. 

Dipawali is festival of Lights which is celibrated all over India.  Dasara, Narali
purnima, Gudhi Padawa, Holi, Mahashivratri, Vata pornima and shree Datta Jaynti are major other festival of Hindus.  The Muslims celebrates Ramajan Eid, Bakari Eid,Moharam and Eid-E-Milad. Buddha Jayanti is celbrated by Budhist. Cristen celebrates X-mas, Good Friday and Ester day and New year. People get part in each others celebrations which exhibit openness and integrity of Maharashtrians.

Maharashtra Art


    Vibrant folk music of Maharashtra is popular from centuries. Powada folk is associated with the great king Shivaji. Other folk music like Gondhal and Bharud are part of Hindu marriages. Lavani is another folk music which is popular among the youths. The Bhajan, Kirtan and Abhangas of Varkari sect (Vaishanav Devotees) have long history and these are part of their daily rituals. 

    Maharashtra has given major contribution in Indian Classical music. Music lovers of Maharashtra are more objective in their choice,  however they give patronage to all artist from country.  Cities like Kolhapur and Pune have been playing major role in preservation of music like Bhavgeet and Natya Sangeet which are inherited from Indian classical music.  The songs from Hindi films and Marathi films are popular in urban areas.

Film Industry and Marathi Theaters in Maharashtra

    Mumbai is the main center of India's Hindi film and television industry (also known as Bollywood).  Marathi theaters has heritage of decades.

Marathi Literature

    Maharashtra has had great authors like Sant Dnyaneshwar, Tukaram, Namdev, and Sant Gora Kumbhar. The modern iconic authors are  P. L. Deshpande,  Atre, Khandekar etc.

Sports in Maharashtra

    In Maharashtra many sports are popular like wrestling, Kabaddi,  football,  Hockey and cricket. The championship like Maharashtra Kesari, Hindustan Kesai are most popular one. On domestic level many small big championships of wrestling are held on many occasions. Other sports like Cricket, football and hockey are popular. The Maharashtra has given many Iconic cricketers to India like Sachin Tendulkar, Sunil Gavaskar.