History of Maharashtra

Ancient Maharashtra

   Stone age can be traced in some part of Maharashtra.  The presence of Ram in Dandakarayna is stated in Ramayana and Puranas.  In Ancient times there was kingdom of the kings like Vikramaditya,  Bhillam and RamdevaRaya which had great influence on all over India.

Medieval history of Maharashtra

 After RamdevaRaya Muslim kings rule the land. Their kingdom in Maharashtra was ended by Chhatrapati Shivaji in 17th Century.

Maharashtrian Saints

    During Medieval period all the areas of social life were influenced by the religion and culture of the ruling class.  The Marathi saints helped to shape the Maharashtrian culture, they  played an important role in creation of regional identity of Maharashtra.  The importance to Bhakti or devotion and social equality were propagated by Nath Panth and Warkari sects.  Saints Dnyaneshwar, Namdev, Tukaram and others made Maharashtra enlightened.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj: the Founder of an Independent State

    Shivaji was born on the Shivneri fort, near Junnar, on 19th February 1630.  Mother Jijabai nurtured her son’s ambition.  Shivaji laid the foundation of an Independent State at the age of fifteen. After 1647 he captured Rajgarh gad. Around 1646 Shivaji’s shiv Mudra started appearing on documents, which read as follows:  Let the Sovereignty of  Shahaaji's son Shivaji grow as crescent moon grows day by day. This seal should represent a nation that grows for the welfare of its people and is universally respected.

     Shivaji used instability in Adilshahi to consolidate his position. By winning the Javali valley  he established control over the Konkan region. He then constructed several forts like Pratapgarh,  Raigarh on the Rayari mountain.  After that  he laid the foundations of maritime power.

Maratha Ruler After Shivaji Maharaj

    After shivaji Maharaj the braery of Marthas led by Chattrapati sambhaji, Rajaram  Maharaj, Tararani a female leader of Maratha empaire and Bajirao  Pheshawa.

Modern Maharashtra

    There was British rule from seventeen's to 14 Aug 1947. During  this British rule, they established bureaucratic Structure,  municipal  corporations, Police force, railways and judicial system.
    Maharashtra was ahead in struggle of Independence. Lokamanya Tilak was leader of Indian Congress during early nineteen's.  The socialist like Phule,  Ambedker , Agarkar,  Ranade  tried make social reforms  like education and women empowerment. 

    On 15th Aug 1947 India become Independent Nation and after that on 1st May 1960 Maharashtra become separate Legislative State of Marathi speaking people.  Yashwantrao Chavan was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra.